Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Reconnect with nature - one photograph at a time

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A community of like minded people who see the value in understanding and appreciating the natural world.  Each week we step outside, find some nature, photograph it and learn something about it to share with others.  Just a few sentences about the tree you’ve photographed, or the bird you've seen, or how you’re noticing the seasons change is all you need and together we'll reconnect with nature, one photograph at time.
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The Three Sisters - Blue Mountains
This week l'm sharing our visit to one of Australia's most iconic natural features, the Three Sisters. 
The Three Sisters are part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, one of Australia's most well known National Parks. We visited the park last week during our visit with friends who live in the area.  
The three weathered sandstone peaks, were formed thousands of years ago through erosion.  The soft sandstone of the Blue Mountains has been eroded over time by wind and rain, causing the cliffs surrounding the valley to be slowly broken up.  That erosion is still occurring today, and the lighter coloured orange/yellow sections on the Three Sisters indicate fresh rock, exposed by recent events.
When we visited last week a severe southerly cold front had hit the area.  Although you can't tell in the photos, the temperature was hovering around 6 degrees Celsius, and the wind was ferocious!  For the three of us from the sub-tropics it felt like an artic blast! But it was amazing to see such a well known icon for the first time.
I fell in love with the Blue Mountains, and hope to return again to explore it in more detail.  There was something about the sandstone escarpment and the expansive eucalypt forests that really stole my heart.  Such an amazing wilderness, so close to Sydney.  If anyone is visiting the Sydney area, l would definitely put this on your list of things to do.        
Hope you've all had a chance to get outside this week and reconnect with nature.  Looking forward to seeing all your photographs.
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  1. Wow, stunning! If I am not mistaken there is a set of mountains in Alberta, along the rockies, called the Three Sisters :)

    Love the pic of you and your lovely family. xo

    Here they are :)

  2. Great views Chrisy! On a side note - did you get my email that I sent while you were away?

  3. That is some awesome country....I recently watched a PBS program about the Blue Mountains, the vegetation, and the wildlife there. Beautiful country!
    And yes, you do look a little bundled up in that photo! I love hiking in raw and unpredictable grounds me and reminds me of the power of nature. xx

  4. What a beautiful mountain range!

  5. Thanks for sharing a great big view of the horizon