Tuesday, 17 June 2014

15 on the 15th - April, 2014

15 photos of my day on the 15th of the month

Every month Tracy Larsen shares 15 photos of her day on the 15th. It's a great, easy-to-achieve memory keeping/photography prompt, and since August last year l've joined in. You can see my photos from previous months here.
The 15th of June was a Sunday, a day that saw Bella and l head to one of our local weekend markets.  Our wildlife caring volunteer group was charity of the day, meaning we could collect donations from market goers as well as have an information stall. Then in the afternoon we were at home, catching up on a few things before we started another week of work and school.
Starting to get back into the groove of documenting everyday moments, l've missed doing so over the past few months.  I've got an idea for a future post swimming around my head, explaining why these sorts of photography prompts mean so much to me. If you take photos of everyday moments, l'd be interested to hear what these images mean to you.
That's us, charity of the day.

 Bella at our information stall, with her new toy horse and Uncle Mark in the background.

Our volunteer organisation is as wonderfully diverse as our local community.

 And some of us have been members and friends for a long time.

 Love these guys - such fun spirit and who else would wear a toy possum on their head?

Lunch at the market - this stuff is divine!

Soaking up the afternoon sunlight back at home. Introducing the new toy horse to her Barbies.  

 Max the wonder dog.

 Katie enjoying our company in the backyard.

 Some more practice of our sight words for this week.

 Afternoon footy on the tv and two bridal Barbies riding the new toy horse.  I told you, it's all happening at out house!

 And if l am going to be doing this on a Sunday afternoon, l'm going to need a glass of that to help. 

 Dan lights a fire on the back trail.

 Bella tackles what is probably her hardest reader so far, before going to bed.

 Finishing of the reader, almost time for lights out. Goodnight little one. xx


  1. These photos are just great! I have to say one of my favorite shots is the bag of Barbies. I just want to keep saying that....bag of Barbies!
    You do have the busiest days of anyone I know. But, they look to be good days with alot of smiles and love. xx

  2. That looks like a crazy dedicated group of volunteers! It's nice that Bella was there to help. Glad you are enjoying some more free time!