Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday Sounds of Summer

To celebrate Summer, every Sunday l 'm sharing music that captures the essence of the season.

This week l have an 1980's classic for you, Chris Rea's On the Beach.

As mentioned here, when l was growing up l used to listen to our small town local radio station A LOT.  To this day, l still believe they only had a handful of records which they played over and over again....and this was definitely one of them. 

Our radio station also used the song's riff as the intro to their community summer safety awareness messages - you know like wear sunscreen, what to do if caught in a rip at the beach..... So to me, this song was always associated with the summer months. Enjoy xx



  1. Wow, that sure does sound like the 80's!! Love those beach scenes, especially the road to the lighthouse. What a beautiful place!
    You know, the radio station I listened to as a teen did the same thing....played a select few songs over and over. I believe they are forever imprinted on my mind. :)

    1. I know, the 80's were so tragic weren't they? :)
      SO glad you understand what l mean about my childhood radio station, l know it's just not me either because both my husband and best friend both grew up listening to the same station...and we all know a 2GF song when it is played !!
      To make it worse, for most of my childhood l didn't have a tv to watch during the it was music, music, music......