Monday, 13 January 2014

Heading off-the-grid

By the time you read this post, we will have headed off on our week-long camping trip.

I just cannot believe it's been well over a year since we last packed the tent and hit the road. But last year was a big year, and camping...well camping was the least of our priorities.

This time we're headed somewhere new, a national park up on the range called Boonoo Boonoo.

If you've read my introduction to the North Coast, you'll know that the region is bordered to the west by the Great Dividing Range.   The Range pretty much runs parallel to the coast along almost the entire Australian eastern seaboard, and is only about 2 hours drive from here.  But,'s such different country to what we're used to. 

Up there on the range the elevation is around the 800m mark which is really different to where we live here on the coast, which is only about 10m above sea level !! It's granite country too, so think boulders, rocky outcrops and waterfalls. Everyone we know who's been there has raved about the park, and we're pretty excited to see it for ourselves.

Up there on the Range the climate will be different too, it's pretty much as 'cold climate' as we get here on the North Coast, so we're expecting cooler nights, lower humidity and the water to be COLD. It should be wonderful this time of year.

So l'll be living off-the-grid this week with no electricity and no mobile phone reception.  That  means no tv, laptop, iphone, internet, blogging, even pinterest !! ....but don't worry, l've just stacked up a series of blog posts which will roll out through the week, and there will still be a link up on Wednesday.

Three cameras are packed, a bird identification book and a journal to write, draw, paint and think.......

Catch you all next week, take care. xx


  1. Hope you have the most wonderful time.

  2. Talk about connecting with nature! Have a great time and take lots of pictures! xoxo

  3. We, your blog readers will certainly benefit for all the stories that come back with you.

  4. Oh my! How I miss camping and the camping season. Anyway, The Great Dividing Range is truly a gorgeous sight to behold. I hope you get to make a do-over of that next year. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

    Kristine Jones @ FTI